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Business Use Case: N26 

MULA is the exclusive worldwide merchandise provider of N26. We take over design, sourcing, production, warehousing and fulfillment.

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N26 binds employees and customers long-term and streamlines all process steps.

MULA takes over design, sourcing, production,warehousing and direct shipment.

From a few hoodies to a worldwide cooperation

An N26 marketing manager, Marco and Marv (MULA founders) met in 2015 at the Prince Charles Berlin. In the beginning MULA produced hoodies for the 25 employees strong Fintech and have developed since then into an exclusive supplier of merchandise and swag for N26. Read the whole story here.

MULA takes over:

Design, Product Sourcing, Production, Warehousing, Fulfillment, Order Management.


MULA supports N26 during the extreme growth phase with high quality products and perfectly fitting processes.

Our high quality products improve your onboarding process

MULA helps N26 to provide high quality merchandise and textiles for all new joiners. MULA takes care of the production and warehousing, the products are delivered just in time for the onboarding event and do not use up office space at any time.

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Every month, many new joiner start a new phase of life at N26. MULA supplies the relevant onboarding products during the #hypergrowth.

Let your HR managers take their time with the important things.

While your onboarding and HR managers take care of the organisation of the entire event, MULA takes care of the delivery of all onboarding boxes and textiles for your new colleagues.

The right sizes, quantities and products are ordered and coordinated in advance with just a few clicks. So your colleagues can take care of the really important things at any time.

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Direct to Employee and Direct to Consumer

N26 can optimally position its own brand through merchandise

D2E (Direct to Employee) case with N26 (benefits program)

D2C (Direct to Consumer) case with N26

Streamlined employee and consumer marketing

Our platform consolidates multiple process streams and leads thereby to a efficient employee & customer marketing

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N26 coordinates its merchandise in a few clicks

Establishing long-term relationships with employees and consumer

“Unique products, easy process and useful service”

“MULA is the only Full-Service Platform that is truly close to the startup scene”

“Finally I have a reliable partner and can concentrate on the most important”

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