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MULA Production Policy

Quality and sustainability are our highest assets

Quality and sustainability are our highest assets – We deal exclusively with certified companies and put a lot of emphasis on sustainability, social responsibility and of course top quality.


We are committed to offer our customers eco-friendly products. Our goal is to introduce more and more sustainable products and materials. We are proud to offer already a decent variety of sustainable products, e.g.

– Apparel with recycled materials

– Many “Peta-Approved Vegan” products

– Products with biodegradable materials


As a company, as a team, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Be it with reducing the packaging material to a maximum, recycle internally, use renewable energy and have many productions sites close to our company location. E.g. some products are produced or finished in Germany or sourced within or close to the EU (Apparel). Furthermore, we work closely with our suppliers to enforce fair working conditions.

“Unique products, easy process and useful service”

“MULA is the only Full-Service Platform that is truly close to the startup scene”

“Finally I have a reliable partner and can concentrate on the most important”

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