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Effortless branding with Merchandise – directly and efficient.

Mula takes care about the full process: From design, to sampling, production, fulfillment and returns management. With our cloud shop solution each employee orders exactly what is needed directly, no third party effort is required.

Mula 360 Service Grafik

You want to know how we work? Take a look at this use case.

N26 Business Use Case

1. Product Design

Whether hoodie, shirt or a pen, we help you find the right product and implement it according to your corporate identity and company tonality.

Notizbuch, Hoodie und Beanie

2. Production

Quality is part of our DNA. We want to create sustainable products that your employees will love.

3. Warehousing

Mula combines a cloud employee branding platform with physical storage and shipping logistics.

Schwarze Transportbox
Computerbildschirm mit Mula Shopansicht

4. Shopsystem

Which t-shirt size is for what employee? Which color? With our cloud based shop system, your employees can directly select their favorite products.

5. Fulfillment

We pack and send your products to your employee on demand. If a shirt does not fit, we take care of the returns management.

DHL Transporter

“Unique products, easy process and useful service”

“MULA is the only Full-Service Platform that is truly close to the startup scene”

“Finally I have a reliable partner and can concentrate on the most important”

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